• Chelsea Art Show
    Chelsea Art Show The Peninsula’s biggest art show with over 600 entries and $7,200 in prizes
  • Chelsea Art Show
    Chelsea Art Show All proceeds go to local charities.
  • Chelsea Art Show
    Chelsea Art Show LF Payne (Chelsea) Hall, Station Street, Chelsea Victoria
  • Chelsea Art Show
    Chelsea Art Show The next show will be held on the Queen’s Birthday weekend June 2016
  • Chelsea Art Show
    Chelsea Art Show The Peninsula’s biggest art show with over 600 entries and $7,200 in prizes

2013 Winners

Oils / Acrylics

This lovely oil is traditional painting at it’s best. The diagonal composition draws the eye into this peaceful scene. Great attention has been paid to foreground, middle ground and distance with repeated colours completing a very beautiful piece.

#240 WALTER MAGILTON “Waiting for Tide-Rise”
Highly Commended:
#215 Ian Laurens
“Morning Cuppa”

Highly Commended:
# 142 Jeff Hastings
“Hide & Seek”

Highly Commended:
#152 Glen Hoyle


This beautifully executed watercolour shows not only skill but also a quirky sense of mischief. One can feel the atmosphere through the intense blue of the sky but the oversize pegs are the stars of this work. It’s all in the title!

# 113 Grant Gittus “Not Like Us”
Highly Commended:
# 366 Doreen Shaw
“Farm House Breeze”

Highly Commended:
# 442 Malcolm Webster
“Fast Terowie”


I couldn’t fault this excellent pastel. Depicting the figure or portrait (and this is both) is so exacting it has to be right but there is more. Composition and the technique plays a huge part in the end result.

# 406 Rosemary Todman-Parrant “Romantic”
Highly Commended:
# 8 Lynne Bechervaise
“Edible Landscape 1”

Highly Commended:
# 275 Lyn Mellady
“Bayside Afternoon”

Highly Commended:
#308 Lynette Palmer
Blossom Visitor”


The use of the space is what attracted me to this superb drawing. By allowing the bird to be free, not bound by edges but emphasising the strengths in the main parts of the composition. This is a sure winner.

#221 Cherie Leeden “Survival”
Highly Commended:
295 Adrian Neill
“The Algerians”

Highly Commended:
#205 Elena Kolotusha
“Shells of the Day”

Highly Commended:
# 211 Neloo Kreltszheim
“Cry of the Wilderness”
Highly Commended:
# 254 Janet Matthews
“Dance in the Light”



# 297 Tom Newmann “Fuchsia & Buds”
Highly Commended:
#47 Richard Conn
“King of the Castle”

Highly Commended:
#196 Margot Kiesskalt


# 399 Sharni Teesdale   “Reflections”
# 199  Gillian Kiriakidis        “Cosmology”
# 208 Ashleigh Krajnc  “You Scratch My Back”

2012 Winners

Best in Show Gunnamatta Craig Davy
Oils/Acrylic Summer Delight Loraine Burns
Watercolour Reflections Metung L Brown
Pastels Nectar of the Gods Rosemary Todman-Parrant
Photography Crossing Paths Peter Richardson
Drawing Would You Two Settle Janet Matthews

Junior Art

School Years 4th.-6th. Twitter Tara Pillaii
School Years 7th.-9th. Mountain Mist Gillian Kiriakidis
School Years 10th.-12th. April Brittany Doyle

2011 Winners

 Judge: Ern Trembath
Best in Show

Apricot Nectar, Blue and White

Gregory Smith
Oils/Acrylic High Summer

Walter Magilton

Watercolour Hobson's Bay, St Kilda Malcolm Beattie

Hung Out

Lyn Mellady

Wandering Man

Cameron Church

St Mark's, Venice

Glen Hoyle
People's Choice Sitting Pretty Janette Doyle

Junior Art

School Years 4th.-6th.


Mira Pillai
School Years 7th.-9th.

Starlight Song

Ria Pillai
School Years 10th.-12th.

Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright

Hannah Ye


2010 Winners

Best in Show


Rosemary Toddman-Parrant
Oils/Acrylic Rialto View

Craig Penny

Watercolour The Streets of Venice Glenn Hoyle

Onions and Garlic

Joan Denner


Margot Kiesskalt

On the Breakwater

Geoff Sargeant
People's Choice

Junior Art

School Years 4th.-6th.

Dynamic Titanic

Rosie Egan
School Years 7th.-9th.

My best friend Zoe

Jordan Galli
School Years 10th.-12th.

A nice day out

Thomas Gittus

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